Our Story

Veedence was born out of a love for all things web and the ability to create something amazing that can touch people near and far or creating something useful that solves a problem for thousands if not millions of people.

It was also born out of the passion for design, graphics and layout. Capturing the users attention and showing them something new.

Since having this passion for the web as a teenager, I have been online nearly every day since 1996 and I’ve seen the internet change in many ways since then.

Since then, its been my passion to create for the web, from websites, to apps that that connect people over the internet (Check out my online 2 player Sudoku App), to online functionality that makes life easier using the web.

I hope that you understand the passion we have for the web and know that we want to use that same passion to create something beautiful and amazing for you online as well.

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