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We are a fairly small, flexible media studio that produce websites and graphic design and and make sure you are found online using SEO. We work flexibly with clients to fulfill their design needs.

Whether you need to create a website completely from scratch or are looking to upgrade what you already have to a nice fresh look n feel, we are confident that you and your team will be satisfied with the results.

We are a fairly small, flexible media studio that produce websites and graphic design for the web.

Get more features. Get more done.

We can offer you online functionality. So you can do more to maximise your customers experience.

Some Ideas For Your Website

Membership Ready

Create Membership Levels and easily restrict content based on member access

Facebook Login/Register integration

Easily register or login with a Facebook account.

Live Notifications

Have you got followers on Twitter or Facebook? Easily send live notifications to Twitter and Facebook about your website updates.

Unique Design

Get a modern and clean design to suit your business. 1st impressions count!

Extremely Flexible

No one person or business has the same needs. We try to be as flexible as possible with what you need.

Easy to use!

We add a content management system to your site to enable you to easily manage your own content, from easy page updates, adding images, even blogging. We make it all easy.


We aim to keep your site up and running with the latest up-to-date software, data backup and protection against all the malicious web activity!

Outstanding Support

We are here and happy to help. When it comes to the web, we enjoy what we do so we enjoy helping you. Also we’re constantly improving and adding new services.

Some of our work

We are continually working to improve what we do.

About us

It is our mission to be the most trusted and influential leader in the industry. We will provide our customers unparalleled “no-excuses” services anywhere in the world where they may operate.

Our core values:

  • Take on Challenges
  • Be Honorable
  • Have Fun
  • Do Whatever it Takes

Veedence // Getting you online in style!

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