A passion for tech, AI and the internet


At the heart of Veedence is a CEO with a zest for innovation and a knack for mixing different technologies into harmonious symphonies. Whether it’s the intricate world of PowerApps, the frontier of AI, the dynamism of WordPress, or the conversational finesse of ChatGPT, I can natural mix them creating something which is more than the sum of their parts.

I love going the extra mile, solving the most technical puzzles, and I have a genuine passion for understanding and addressing your unique challenges. I enjoy sharing the boundless possibilities of the internet, contemporary web design, and the magic of ChatGPT.

Feeling stuck in the digital maze? Let me help. Lets dive into a collaboration where technology, passion, and expertise converge.

Simeon WIlliams



I’m genuinely eager to hear your vision. Please reach out; let’s bring your idea to life.