Stanborough Primary School
Our Mission is to provide, with God’s Help, a learning, caring, serving and responsible community where all people are valued for who they are and for who they may become as children of God.

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Values that lead us

Stanborough Primary School is dedicated to upholding Christian values, with every staff member exemplifying these values through both words and actions. The school prioritizes family values, respect for authority, and the overall development of its learners. A distinction is made between a student’s performance and their inherent worth, emphasizing the importance of individual self-worth.



Our mission emphasizes learning and growth with God's guidance, viewing everyone as children of God. The school strives to instill Christian values, ensuring that the tenets of Christianity are not just taught but lived by the students in their daily lives. The saying "Dominus Magister Ludi Nostri" translates to "God is the Master of our school," underlining the school's faith foundation.



Our school is committed to embracing every child, regardless of their ethnic background, sex, national origin, or religious affiliation. By practicing inclusivity, we ensure that each student feels valued and acknowledged for who they are. The focus is on the worth and personal development of each individual rather than mere performance.



Situated amidst nature, the school's architecture supports an expansive learning environment, allowing classroom activities to continue outdoors during favorable weather. Our mission is to provide a space where learning is exciting, ensuring students develop a keen interest in making their community better. The integration of appreciating cultural and scientific advances in the curriculum showcases a holistic approach to learning.



The school is nestled within a park, providing ample spaces like football pitches and woodland areas for holistic development. Bright, airy classrooms with individual patios invite nature in, promoting a healthier learning environment. The serene surroundings help in fostering a calm and peaceful atmosphere conducive for growth.

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Pillars of Promise: Guiding Your Child’s Future
Faithful Foundation
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Rooted in Christian teachings, our school ensures a spiritual anchor for every student. Trust in a curriculum that aligns with strong moral principles, preparing children for a life guided by faith.
Inclusive Excellence
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Every child, regardless of background or belief, finds a home at our school. We champion diversity while upholding a standard of educational excellence that serves all.
Nature Nurtured
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Our campus extends beyond classrooms, into serene parks and vibrant woodlands. A learning environment where nature plays a role, fostering curiosity and appreciation for the world around.
Values Vision
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At Stanborough Primary, we're not just educating; we're instilling core values for a purposeful future. Equip your child with the moral compass and vision necessary to navigate life's challenges.
Holistic Growth
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We believe in nurturing both the mind and spirit, ensuring comprehensive development. Experience an education where academic rigor meets character building, crafting well-rounded individuals ready for the world.

A word from the Head Teacher

Mrs Tiann Madden

Dear Parent/Carers,

At Stanborough Primary School, an inclusive Christian institution, we passionately believe every child is uniquely crafted with vast potential. Guided by a broad, skill-focused curriculum, our devoted staff and supportive community nurture students towards academic, creative, and spiritual excellence. The school’s heartbeat is its distinctive Christian ethos and warm ambiance, echoed by all who visit. Collaborating closely with our local church, we instill values of responsibility and community care in our students, welcoming children of all backgrounds into this enriching journey. We invite you to witness these values firsthand and experience the special warmth of Stanborough.

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